Back Iron Back Iron Cryostat Stator Excitation Cooling Gas Rotor No Gear Box!

All Superconducting Generator in Turbine Nacelle

Double-Helix™ Rotor
The rotor of the ASG consists of several layers of Double-Helix™ windings. The rotor operates in persistent mode and caries a current of over 5,000 Amperes.

Double-Helix™ Stator
The stator (or armature) of the ASG consists of several layers of Double-Helix™ windings. The windings are arranged in three independent sets providing a 3-phase voltage output.

Rotor Excitation System
The rotor current is generated by a proprietary excitation system which pumps up the current in the rotor to the required amperage. This system is completely brushless providing for long term reliable operation.

The cryostat is the insulated vessel which maintains the superconducting coils of the generator at cryogenic temperatures (20K). It has a vacuum compartment which provides a thermal barrier between the internals of the generator and the outside world.

The back-iron provides a flux path for the magnetic fields generated in the stator (or armature). The back-iron weighs approximately 6,000 kg (13,000 lbs) and is also a key structural component of the generator.

Cooling Gas
Gas Helium is used to cool the generator down to its operating temperature. Cooled Helium gas flowing into the cryostat absorbs heat from the generator. Helium gas flowing out of the cryostat is re-cooled by a cryo-cooling system and re-circulated.

Output Power : 10 MWatts
Rotor RPM (nominal) : 10 RPM
Length : 5 Meters
Diameter : 2 Meters
Weight (including cooling) : 50 tons
Operating Temperature : 20 Kelvin
Did you know?
A 10 MWatt conventional generator and gearbox would weigh over 5 times more than an AML Superconducting generator…